Collaborative Academic Testing Service


Preparation for Testing

Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy breakfast.  Encourage your child to dress in comfortable clothing and to use the restroom before the appointment.  Discourage your child from wearing jewelry or accessories that could be distracting during the session.

Children tend to perform optimally when they have a relaxed morning leading to the testing time. If they are currently in school, we recommend that they not go to class the morning of the testing session. We also recommend that they not play video games just prior to the session, because doing so often makes it more difficult for them to transition to the evaluation.

Approach the testing in a relaxed manner while letting them know that they will be meeting with a person who works with young children.  Most children enjoy the one-on-one attention and enjoy the variety of tasks presented to them.  It is not helpful to tell your child that a person will be “playing games” with them as this often leads to disappointment when games are not offered.  Describing the psychologist as being “a person who is like a teacher” prepares children to be in a working rather than playing mode at the time of testing.

Double-check the date, time, and location of the appointment in order to avoid rushing the morning of the session.  Arriving too early can also be difficult for your child.  Please arrive promptly at the appointment time.

Many parents offer their children rewards for cooperation ahead of the appointment time.  Please be cautious about doing so, however, as some children become so excited about the treat offered that they have a hard time focusing on the testing tasks.  Emphasize that your child will enjoy the activities and the time with the psychologist.

Tutoring is strongly discouraged.  Psychologists will report to the schools any indication that the child has been tutored or coached.  Previous exposure to the test materials invalidates test results and may lead to disqualification of the school application for your child.